Monday, October 8, 2012

Good omens

Being over 40 and pregnant can be a nerve wracking time. Sometimes it's best to simply ignore those folks who tell you horror stories "just so that you are informed" - and instead to keep thinking positively.
Today on my way into the doctors office for my ultrasound, I had a lovely omen that things will be just fine.
The sun was peeking through a crack in the roofline, and made a heart shaped sunbeam on the wall. It was fleeting, but powerful.


  1. Dearest Susan, everything will be fine, you are a healthy person with a happy heart surrounded by a ton of love, your little baby fireman will be wonderful! I have Zoe at 42 and she is just amazing. don't listen to the naysayers. big big hugs, sophie

  2. Thank you Sophie! I love to hear encouragement from other "mature mums". :)

  3. What a lovely omen!! Now it looks like XX in there to me, is that a girl??