Saturday, February 27, 2016

The move begins

Well, we haven't found our next farm yet. It's all a bit up in the air at the moment, as we tread out into the uknown.  Our current farm sold, to folks who are making their first move into agriculture just as we did over 5 years ago.

We have been on the hunt for months, driving country lanes hoping to spot something that we feel is home. So far... no .luck.

In our minds eye, we can see what it will look like. A big old sprawling Victorian farm house, a bank barn with a stone foundation, and a driveway lined with maple trees.  We have yet to find it.

So in the meantime, we will be renting a wee bungalow from a fellow friend in agriculture. He built it originally to house his aging parents, but it will suit us well. We can still be a part of the spring planting and summer harvest, and we will have a lovely view of rolling fields from the porch.

The packing commences this week.

Part of me is very nostalgic, as I look at this farm and marvel at how much life changed over the past few years.  The animal husbandry we have learned, the knowledge of agriculture, the network we have built, and of course - two wonderful little people to share it all with.

What will the next adventure bring? I have no idea. But we are ready.  

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  1. Oh no! Your dream farm sounds wonderful :) I hope y'all are able to find it soon! What do y'all harvest? I am also from a suburb, and never thought I'd end up marrying a farmer. It was always a dream of mine, but I guess some dreams come true? haha. So now we live in East Idaho. Land of the potatoes. I haven't written much about farming yet, but just about a little guy we got & my first post. Feel free to check it out :) Would love to hear back from you!