Saturday, August 13, 2016

It's raining...

"Mama, can I go out in the rain?"

I immediately thought of so many practical reasons to say no.

The rain is too heavy.

You will get soaked.

You could get sick.

More laundry to clean up.

But then I looked down at that inquisitive face, and I remembered just for a the far reaches of my 40 something brain...the joy of playing in the rain.

So I said yes. 

Sometimes mamas, you just have to say yes. Yes to getting dirty, yes to getting wet. Just...yes. Because quite simply, that is how memories are made.

1 comment:

  1. OF COURSE you have to say yes to that. And then throw everything into the washing machine, get the kid a hot shower and finalize this with hot chocolate. :D

    And if it's warm and nobody important is around on the farm (and depending on the age of the child) you just strip him or her and send them out naked .... less dirty clothes. ;)