Friday, February 22, 2013

Cranial Osteopath

We just returned from the osteopath visit.


She showed us how all of the muscles down one side of his body are tight, thus causing him to arch his spine in a "banana" shape. He favours one side of his head when sitting or lying down, and she showed us how tight the muscles are in his neck. This "banana" shape he puts himself into squishes up his tummy on one side, and she said it would impact his digestion.

She then worked on him, it was all very gentle.

All I know is that since our visit he has been calm and happy, and just went down for nap so peacefully when we got home.

So we will see, we have two more visits next week. Thank goodness for health coverage, she is an RMT so it is covered by our plan. C says he sees a difference after just this one visit.

I feel awful that we left it this long. Poor wee boy was in pain. I highly recommend an osteopath to anyone with a colicky baby!


  1. We've been taking Ryan to an osteo too. I'm skeptical, but it's not not working so we'll continue to go. He's had some huge improvements lately. Why so many visits so close together? Ours recommends a few weeks in between. Glad you're seeing improvements!

  2. It's amazing the difference it made! He is a completely different boy now at 4 months. He has full mobility of his head, and his tummy troubles are gone. :)