Monday, November 26, 2012

Missing the barn

The snow has arrived. It's an odd feeling these days. I haven't been trekking down to the barns to do chores, I am just too BIG!

I miss the smell of the barn, and the livestock. I wonder if they miss me - and if they will remember me when I finally return.

I only have 4 more weeks to go, but I so swollen that I will be leaving work early.
Another odd ending. I haven't been away from work for more that 2 weeks in over 25 years. It will feel like an odd extended vacation I am sure! So many changes.

And one important new beginning.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Oh my poor feet

My feet are puffy. They now resemble bread loaves. Queer puffy bread loaves. It's awful. I can't wear shoes and have resorted to wearing crocs to work. Hardly a fashion statement! Especially with a business suit. But it's either that or slippers, I am not sure which is worse.

By end of day my feet are so swollen that I am quite certain they could burst - silly idea right? Impossible you say? I am not so sure!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

A mmmoomarvellous Halloween

Halloween was days away, and I couldn't find a costume. I was becoming frantic as we has decided to attend a party.

What to go as to a Halloween party when you are 7 months pregnant? I am not the confident type who is willing to sport some daring skimpy midriff showing costume. My bump wasn't feeling that confident.

I felt like such a heifer - hormones I know but I have been feeling enormous these days.

Then it hit me! If I feel like a cow...

It was good for a laugh - and good for my soul to embrace my new shape!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Finding a use for old things

I think it's the pregnancy, but I am definitely more addicted to Pintrest than usual. Some would say I am "nesting".

Regardless, it has led to some fantastic projects finally getting done. I have replaced a number of the window coverings in the house, and am finally putting to use many of the amazing auction finds that I have been collecting.

I have a wonderful old trunk, and have been scratching my head with what to do with it. It's too far gone in terms of refurbishment - but then I saw a painted trunk on Pintrest.  I hadn't thought to paint it!

I posted this photo to my instagram, so apologies for the bad photo quality - but I think it came out quite good!