Monday, June 17, 2013

Super simple supper

Remember, my personal motto is "look like Martha Stewart in half the time". So I was really excited to try this pot roast recipe.

You start with a roast. I didn't have one. However I did have two fairly thick cuts of beef in the freezer. We had a quarter cow delivered from a local farmer, and I still don't know what each cut is called. Regardless, they went in the crockpot. I added baby potatoes and carrots.

Now this is the super simple magic part. You take three packets - one reduced salt brown gravy, one ranch dressing and one country herb.
I only had turkey gravy so I used that - which means mine will be very salty. Oh well. 

Sprinkle the packets over the roast. 

Add about an inch of water. Cook on low for about 6-7 hours.

The roast will be yummy and the gravy is awesome.

Super simple supper!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Garden season begins

You really have to like working in the soil to be an effective gardener. I find the best time of day is early morning, despite the fact that the Mosquitos will eat you alive. 

I am trying to plant things that will do well in our small farm store - zucchini, cucumber, carrots. I am even trying potatoes this year.  The trouble is that I am quite enjoying myself, and next year when my mat leave is over I am going to miss having this time to garden.  I just hope I can keep it up.

The raised beds make the world of difference. Things are growing in leaps and bounds and covering them with greenhouse plastic gave me a good head start.

This is our raspberry and strawberry patch. If the birds don't eat them we will have a good yield this year.

And yes, that is one gigantic happy rhubarb! I can't wait to make rhubarb pies!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Market Sign is almost done!

This has been the longest project ever - but I am really happy with the results. 

I just finished putting a coat of clear varnish on them to seal them and give some UV protection. I used a spray can varnish simply because it's easy and there is less clean up! 

I then began my next sign - I think I am addicted. :)

I used a piece of old barn board, and wooden letters that I got at Wallymart. They were only $1.00 a letter! So this was a cheap sign to make.

The store is coming is a sneak peak. It's still got some finishing touches before its done.