Saturday, January 23, 2010

Time to rethink

Well, as time ticks on these puppies get larger and larger. It won't be long before they completely outgrow this suburban backyard.

They are livestock guardians who at the present have no livestock to guard!

MLS was disappointing today, nothing new. Which was so odd for a Saturday. I am looking back again at this one. We actually went to see it, and we said nope. But I am now re-thinking it. Could be desperation on my part?

The barn needs work, the outbuildings need work, and there is a hydro corridor at the very back of the property. But the house holds some promise? Maybe remove some walls, and gut the interior. Perhaps turn the main floor into one large open concept room with a new stone fireplace? It definitely needs some sort of addition, as there can't be a proper master bedroom without one. Hmmmm...

Farm Desperation. Today's catch phrase.

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