Monday, February 1, 2010

If we dream it...

So we MAY have a potential farm.

Our challenge is that
a) it needs A LOT of work
b) the homeowners seem to feel that it is Shangri-La and have priced it as such
c) the homeowner is a stubborn old lady who will be difficult to move in price

However, we have decided that we are still a wee bit interested, despite the challenges. The farm consists of a beautiful old bank barn, that has become a bit rundown but can be restored. A workshop, a garage with a granny flat that was built in the 1940s and has never been updated, and a "house". I use the term house lightly, it really should have been torn down years ago. It would need to be taken right back to the foundation and rebuilt.

So much work. So much HARD work. And yet... we are still thinking about it. The land was so pretty, and the location is perfect.

Sometimes, when you arrive at a place, it gets under your skin and you can't stop thinking about it. This is one of those places for us. Therefore, we have decided to "sleep on it" for a few nights, and then decide whether or not to make an offer.

If we offer, the old woman will likely be very offended. We would be offering much less than her asking price. We would be offering her land value, plus the cost of the outbuildings. But miracles happen, and if we don't try, would we always wonder if it could have been ours?

If we dream it, and truly believe that it can take flight; if we wish it to be and believe with all of our might; miracles can happen!


  1. Good luck to you if this is indeed the farm for you! Fingers crossed here!
    Where is the farm located?

  2. We didn't end up getting it. :( The homeowner truly believes that the home is valued at more than it is worth. On to the next one! :)