Monday, February 8, 2010

Back to the drawing board

So we went for a second look, and made the decision to put in an offer. We believed that it was a very sound offer. 90% of asking price, and very few conditions.

The wait is the part that kills you. The minutes tick buy while you envision every kind of scenerio.

"Maybe they are considering it", "They are likely coming up with a counter offer"

Time moved on, minutes passed. Our midnight deadline was approaching. And then we got the call.

They wouldn't even sign it back, it was their asking price or nothing.

It wouldn't be so frustrating if their own agent agreed with them on price. However, even their agent agreed that they were overpriced. Which was why we felt our offer stood a chance.

I know that in another 60 days, when the property has been sitting on the market for 160 days, the homeowner will begin to wonder if turning down our offer was a good idea.

And we will still be here, however our offer may not be as good.

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