Thursday, March 25, 2010

SOLD! with one new condition?

Well, it seems that these days dogs are definitely NOT a selling feature. The buyers got wind of the fact that we "may" have a dog.

I wasn't about to correct the agent in telling them that we have FOUR dogs. But I digress.

The buyer found a "toy" in the backyard, and was horrified. Regardless of the fact that the house is spotless, she is now concerned about dog damage in the form of hair and germs throughout the house.

So her new condition is that the home must be professionally cleaned before closing. Ironic really, as we planned to do that anyway. So we had no issue in signing the amendment. But it did make me realize how many factors are at work in the sale of a home.

Doggies are home now until we move, and while I live in fear of the home buyer driving by the house and seeing the pack of dogs heading out for a walk, it's done. She can't back out now!

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