Friday, March 19, 2010

Up! Down.Up! Down.

I have realized that I could never be an agent. The stress is killing me, and I am only a participant in this mad scenario.

Our offer on the farm is conditional to financing. In order to receive financing, we need an appraisal of the property. The company that does the appraisal apparently has ONE person who is required to sign off on the final documents. That one person has gone on vacation.

Given the nature of the industry, I am completely surprised that they manage to stay in business. However, as I have said before our agent (my MIL) is phenomenal. She extended the condition of financing, crisis averted. But it means that our farm ownership remains just slightly out of reach.

Our suburban home sold earlier this week, we had two offers and we chose the highest offer. It was conditional to financing and the buyers had three days to arrange this. We were elated! I was walking on cloud nine, relieved that our home had sold. One more worry lifted from my shoulders!

Last night we had a call at 11PM, to advise us that the buyers could not arrange financing. It seems that they are self-employed and haven't been claiming their income. We were crushed.

So now we are back on the market. How utterly frustrating.

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