Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No animals...remember?

So, the cows are doing marvellously, and our learning curve has been steep. Surprisingly, cattle dont' take that much to care for. Aside from a vet bill for some Ivermec (which we later discovered we could have purchased at the TSC Store and applied ourselves) and the evening grain ration - they mostly keep to themselves and pasture amongst the rolling hills.

I joke that we got them only to improve the view.
The Highlands are very docile, and while it took me a few weeks to get used to their horns, I have become accostomed to them. I do use a "sherpherd stick" when I am in with the herd, but tend to use it more as they use their horns. To say "out of the way please" or "back off, I am not giving you any of this". They seem to respect my "horns", even though they are in the form of an old maple branch with a knotty end.
When we went to the feed store to ask for "cattle feed", everyone had a good chuckle. Which was fine, because we laughed too. They were very helpful, and we not give a mix each night of grains and corn screenings, with a little diatomaceous earth mixed in for good measure.
I can stand down by the barns and whistle, and all 8 cattle come running like dogs over the hill. Actually, they are better trained than the dogs, as when I whistle for the dogs they tend to run the opposite way.
I am still not sure if they were a good purchase, but as a starter herd for two city kids who are trying their hand at farming, they are a perfect breed. Whether we keep them or not remains to be seen.
Now...I think we need some chickens. Since the no animal rule has been broken, what's the harm?

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