Friday, January 28, 2011

Say hello, Wave Goodbye

We are going to sell two of the cows. It's such a tough decision, but we need to free up some capital to purchase more registered stock.  So two of the cows will be leaving the farm in late March. I don't feel too badly about the decision as they are going to the fellow who bought our wee heifer in the fall. The good news is that the heifer will now be reunited with her mum. I suppose that in itself makes me feel better.

The other incredibly good news is that now I get to go cow shopping again, and there is nothing more delightful than viewing their fuzzy faces and determining if that one is going to be mine.

See what I mean? Delightful. I do think I would like to add more colour to the herd, so I am considering white and dun coloured calves.

We are also toying with the idea of doing a calf, or cow/calf operation for Angus or Hereford. We certainly have the pasture for it, and it wouldn't be that much work. Well, that's what I keep telling my dear sweet fireman anyway. Besides, he has to have something to do when he's not working right?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

No - Fred is not my Uncle

The conversation went something like this...

Friend: "So...what's that urn in your fridge?"
Me: "Oh, that's Fred".
Friend: "Why is Fred in the fridge?"
Me: "He needs to stay refrigerated. I make cinnamon buns and muffins with him."

Friend looks absolutely horrified.

With a start I realize what she thinks Fred is. I began laughing so hard that I could barely explain, but between chortles I managed to get out that Fred was a sourdough mix.

She didn't believe me until I got her to open the lid on the "urn" and peek inside. I am not quite certain what she thought she would find - I am certainly not Sweeney Todd! Suffice to say...she turned down my offer of fresh cinnamon rolls as she was leaving.