Thursday, January 27, 2011

No - Fred is not my Uncle

The conversation went something like this...

Friend: "So...what's that urn in your fridge?"
Me: "Oh, that's Fred".
Friend: "Why is Fred in the fridge?"
Me: "He needs to stay refrigerated. I make cinnamon buns and muffins with him."

Friend looks absolutely horrified.

With a start I realize what she thinks Fred is. I began laughing so hard that I could barely explain, but between chortles I managed to get out that Fred was a sourdough mix.

She didn't believe me until I got her to open the lid on the "urn" and peek inside. I am not quite certain what she thought she would find - I am certainly not Sweeney Todd! Suffice to say...she turned down my offer of fresh cinnamon rolls as she was leaving.

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