Friday, February 11, 2011

Something Blue

Prior to being an owner of laying hens I thought all eggs were white and brown. I had no idea that there were dark chocolate coloured eggs, blue eggs, olive eggs, or green eggs. 

Having said that, Dr.Seuss did tip me off as a child, but I guess I didn't believe it!

I never tire of collecting the eggs.

It's like each hen gives me a wee gift in the morning, and in return I shower them with fresh greens, homemade breads, and cornmeal.  My barred rocks routinely come up to say hello, and they appreciate a head scratch even on the coldest of days.    Like a school of fish, they all come running to me as I enter the coop. I simply can't wait for the spring to arrive, so that I can let them out of their winter home - and allow them to run freely around the yard.  

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