Friday, February 4, 2011

Which do you prefer?

Maybe I should just flip a coin. In the end, I think the decision would be a whole lot easier.

Donkey or Llama?

We need something to stay in with the pigs at night when we eventually get them. It's funny really, farming is such a snowball of events. First, we will get pigs. But they need hay and grain, so we will fill the barn with hay and grain. But the grain will bring mice. So we need more barn cats. And the pigs need protecting at night, so we need a livestock guardian with them... see what I mean?

We do have two amazing livestock guardian dogs, but they come in the house at night. So we need something that lives in the pasture.

Donkey's are great because they sound the alarm, and are fairly easy to keep. However like a horse they require winter stabling. They also need a visit to the farrier on occasion.

Llamas don't require winter stabling, but don't really "raise the alarm".  I have also been told they spit and get quite a strong odour - however they are low maintenance.

I thought about simply going on the cute factor, donkey's do seem cuter. However that does seem to take the seriousness out of the decision.

I do have a fondness for donkey's, and I suppose part of that comes from my love of horses - but I don't want to be biased.

Maybe we should just get a camel.


  1. For those who were following, it looks like we will be getting a donkey. As @theComicfarmer shared with me on twitter, a donkey is better for three reasons: "I think I would choose donkey for 3 can ride it, it can help haul stuff, and it can talk to you like Eddie Murphy"

  2. donkeys are wonderful....good choice.