Friday, June 3, 2011

Rub a Dub Dub

This whole farming business is all a learning experience, but I always feel super guilty when one of the animals suffers at the extent of my learning.

When our donkey's arrived, we got them brand new spiffy halters and discarded the halters they were wearing. Like getting a new puppy we were pleased to see them sporting their bright new halters.

We left them on. All of the time.

We truly didn't know any better. The halters made it easier to hold on to them while cleaning their feet or grooming them.

Until recently I didn't see that the halters were rubbing the hair from their faces. Our poor donkey's were suffering and we hadn't noticed!

We immediately removed the halters, and put polysporin on anything that looked the least bit irritated. Primarily it was simply areas where the hair had rubbed bare.

A quick Google search informed us that halters only go on when needed, and should not be left on for turn out.

Apparently the hair will grow back now that we have removed the halters. They weren't much good anyway - pulling on a donkey to get it to go somewhere never works.

Baby carrots however work wonders.

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  1. oh how gorgeous is this pic!! is that a russian blue? so sweet!