Sunday, September 18, 2011

So where is the Romance?

Recently, a seasoned farmer asked "is farming as you originally pictured it? I always find people have this romantic ideal of farm life."

It was a great question.  Here we are, just over a year after this great adventure has begun and I can't say I have one moment of regret.

I am also not sure if I came into this adventure with a romantic ideal of farm life. I knew it would be hard work, a lot of hard work.  I was prepared for the hours of labour involved.  I think summers working at garlic farms and in strawberry fields prepared me for that type of need.  What did surprise me is how easy it has been to learn so much in such a short period of time.

We were so apprehensive in the beginning, afraid to try anything that hadn't been field tested by hundreds of farmers before us.  Google searching every question we had, and comparing answers before we made any type of decision.

Now we simply fly by the seat of our pants, and try things to see if they work. It has been this cavalier approach to farming that has allowed us to invent new systems, create processes that streamline work, and find ways in which to cut overhead costs.

The best lessons that anyone can learn are from costly mistakes.

We have also found that we quite enjoy the work, and get a great feeling of accomplishment when we are able cross things off our white board.  We would have made great pioneers.

Having said all of that, I do still find that farming has romantic moments. Why just today I stood with my better half enjoying the most gorgeous sunset, as we stood amongst the sheep tired and weary from spending hours in the barn. Terribly romantic.


  1. Oh Yes I understand the comments about how romantic farmming is and you are so lucky well I am lucky but I worked very very hard for everything we have and being romantic yes it is my husband and I have been farming cattle etc for 32 years in the same spot. We have learned a lot of lessons by hit and miss just as you have. We often hug each other while covered in new borne calf goo and sometimes smell like manure but we love farming and can't imagine doing anything else. B

  2. 32 years! Well you have my utmost respect. I had to laugh at "hugging each other covered in newborn cattle goo" :) Just yesterday I turned to my better half, covered in chicken poop as we were mucking out the coop, and said "It's fun isn't it?" Once you start, I can't imagine ever stopping! I hope you have a productive year!