Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ontario Federation of Agriculture

I am not really entirely certain when the idea began to take shape. But suddenly I found myself smiling and nodding, in agreement to take on the new role.

It began when I got an invitation to attend the Annual Meeting for the Dufferin County Federation of Agriculture (DFA). I made a mental note of the date, intending to go.

Weeks later, I was in discussion on Twitter with Wayne Black, Director for the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA).  Wayne was considering the idea of running for President of the OFA, an idea I strongly supported. Not only is Wayne tech savvy and forward thinking, he comes from a long line of agricultural history and understands the issues in agriculture.  I think Wayne would be a breath of fresh air, and an opportunity for a new voice at the table.

I suggested he attend the DFA meeting with me.  It would be a great opportunity for Wayne to meet folks from Dufferin County, and for me to connect him with local farmers.

So Wayne came, and I found myself sitting next to him as they asked for nominations - looking for Directors for the board.  Wayne raised his hand, and spoke my name.  I suppose I could have declined, but I was secretly thrilled.  A chance to have a voice at the table, an opportunity to learn more about agriculture within the province....I nodded my head. A vote was cast, and voila! I am a Director for the Dufferin County Federation of Agriculture. 

I truly hope that I represent the farmers in my region well, and that they share with me issues or questions they may have.  I am looking forward to this next great adventure!

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