Thursday, December 22, 2011

A little bit country

I have begun to change the look of things around here. Not simply with Christmas decorations, but I suppose I am starting to make the transition from city to country.

When we moved in a year and a half ago, I just plunked all of our furniture and decorations into the farmhouse.  Sure, in some cases it didn't quite fit right, but I had far too many other things to worry about. (Like where on earth we were going to put 80 chickens!)

Now that the winter months are creeping in, I am looking about and thinking of ways in which we can make changes to our decor. 

The bathroom renovation absolutely must happen this winter. In speaking to Wilson next door, I told him the tub was leaking.  "really?" he said, "I put that tub in back in '58. It's leaking already?"  I agreed with dear Wilson, and asked if he warrantied his work. No such luck. 

The vanity has been found (an old sideboard), the sink selected (a nice hand hammered copper sink) and I am now searching for the flooring. I have my eye on a river rock floor, something like this
Sadly I have yet to find a Canadian distributor, and I really do not like the idea of having to create each stone by hand.

I know that other major renovations will have to wait a few years, but I can begin with our furniture and our accessories. I spotted these lovely cushions on Kijiji, handmade out of old bean sacks. They inspired the new bedding, and the rustic tin artwork above the bed.  I have convinced my dear sweet fireman that he should make us a new bed frame out of old barn boards. 

If I could just convince him to make me the matching night tables and dresser that would be perfect. Baby steps!

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