Friday, January 6, 2012

Bathroom Bliss

Well, it's begun. The bathroom renovation may actually happen in 2012!  It started when I found the perfect old oak sideboard to convert into a vanity.  That stirred the imagination of my dear sweet fireman and he began to think about getting to work on our sorry old washroom.

It also helped when we were visiting our sweet old neighbour Wilson, and he said "yes, I remember installing that washroom, back in 1958".  I gave a pointed look at my better half then turned to Wilson and wryly said "well old man, do you warranty your work because the plumbing is leaking!"

We have a tub, we have a vanity, we have selected a lovely hand hammered copper sink. I am leaning towards the Moen Banbury faucet in bronze, and will also use the matching Banbury line for the tub and towel holders. 

The tub tile is picked, it's a natural stone in a warm off white.  The floor had me stumped, but I have decided on a river rock floor, the larger river rock has been hard to find, but this is not bad and may work. You can see the old linoleum that is there now! The river rocks are about one inch to two inches in size, not as big as I would like but thus far the largest I can find.  (If we had the dollars to install an outdoor furnace, I would have the floor heated as well, wouldn't that be luxurious!)

We got a bit creative with the lights. They are actually outdoor lights, but I think they will work well with the rustic feel we are going for.  This ceiling light reminds me of a barn light.  We also got three of these downward facing lantern lights to go over the vanity mirror.  They also remind me of a barn! Ours are in an oil rubbed bronze, which will work well with the ceiling light.

So there you have it, it may actually be possible to have a new bathroom before lambing season starts. A girl can hope right?

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