Monday, February 20, 2012

TV or Social Media?

I am often asked why I prefer social media to television, and I think I have finally determined the answer. Social media is a dialogue. It is the connecting of people, the sharing of stories, the discussion of ideas, the arguments that arise from those ideas, and ultimately - the ability to expand your everyday network.

Television on the other hand is more of a monologue. You sit, you watch, and your mind becomes numb. You don't need to think, or be two steps ahead of it. There is no need to be witty, or kind. No need to rationalize your point of view, or perhaps consider the point of view of others. There is no opportunity to ask questions. It is a one way dialogue.

I suppose a book is a one way dialogue as well, but at least with a book my mind has the opportunity to imagine pictures, to think about concepts, and perhaps to understand new ideas.  It's been several years since I last tuned in to TV, and I really don't miss it.  My only exception is Ellen, which I watch clips of on YouTube.  Who can resist the opportunity for a good cry?

One of my tweeps @cookswithtofu often posted about dreamy cupcakes on Twitter. I would drool and comment on how lovely they were. Imagine my surprise when she suggested she drop some off at the farm as she would be in our area. I was astounded! Here was a total stranger, with a gift.  In return, I promised some farm fresh eggs and deal was struck. My dear sweet fireman (@myfordsucks) was home to receive the cupcakes. (Some of us poor sods have to work)  And he sent me this lovely photo of them.

YUM! I had my eye on that lemony one in the corner, and the double dark chocolate.  But then, several moments later, I received a second image.

He swore he saved me the lemon one - and true to his word he did! Thank you @cookswithtofu for your kindness, and for reaching out to connect with a stranger through social media. I hope we meet many more times. 


  1. I woulda died laughing if I had gotten that second picture.

    I loved this post because it is sooooooo true!

    The pink hat I have on instagram? Sent to me by a friend I have never even met.

    It doesn't have to be big or eatable...but you are right, we should try to act out kindness to others.

    1. I agree! And for the record...I did die laughing at the second photo. :)