Sunday, May 27, 2012

I might have to build an ark...

I got the call about 5pm on my drive home.

"Hi Honey, there has been a bit of a flood in the house, it looks like the kitchen tap broke and flooded"

Me: Well, there are towels in the laundry room to mop it up.

"um. I don't think towels will do it. You will see when you get here"

Well, what a mess. Our house was completely flooded, the basement below was destroyed, the kitchen cabinets were swollen shut (I shuddered to think about the rice and flour inside. Ewww)
the floor had buckled...

We called our insurance.

Thank goodness we paid that little bit extra for "replacement" cost on our policy which means that we can replace all of the damaged furniture in the basement.

I am trying to find a silver lining in all of this. We were almost finished the bathroom and I was so excited to finally get my home "back to normal".   It seems that the universe had other plans, and so here I am in the midst of chaos again.

The insurance company has said that they will redo the kitchen, and the basement. It will likely take 6-8 months to complete. After I got over the shock, I realized that a new kitchen is a blessing. So yes it does mean months of living out of boxes, and mess in the house - but in the end it will all be terrific.

And if that doesn't pan out...I will just build an ark and live with it.

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