Saturday, July 7, 2012

Taking the plunge

We have realized that we are going to need more sheep. Starting with 21 was a terrific way for us to determine if we actually like sheep farming, and if we have a knack for it.

It seems we do, we successfully delivered lambs and didn't have to bottle feed a single one. (Thanks to my dear sweet firemans patience in teaching new lambs to suckle!)

In order to actually begin making money as a farm, we will need to increase our numbers to about 150. The trouble is that Rideau Arcott sheep are hard to come by. 

 My thinking initially was that finding ewes can't be that hard right?

Boy was I wrong. It was like collecting rare baseball cards. 12 from this person. 7 from this person.

At this rate it will be years before we reach 150!

So far, we have managed to secure another 55, which will bring us to just over 80 including our new ewe lambs from our own flock.  Not nearly close enough, so we will continue to search for ewes!

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