Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome wee new years boy!

Well life never goes as expected does it? The day started normally enough. We had decided to go pick up hay, and so we packed some goodies and a water bottle and set off north.

I recall feeling a bit queer, but I chalked it up to the bouncing of the pickup.

We stopped on route at the Timmies and I got a muffin and a tea. Thinking back, I wasn't hungry for the muffin - unusual for a pregnant woman.

We arrived at the farm to pick up the hay, and it was then I began to feel nauseous. I chalked it up to a long car ride and pregnancy. I got out of the truck and the cool air was refreshing. However I couldn't shake the nausea. Loaded up and ready to head for home, I knew something was wrong.

The return trip was awful, and about halfway home I called the midwife. I was explaining how I felt, when I realized I was going to be sick. Handing the phone to my better half I then proceeded to throw up all over his truck. (poor man!)

She asked us to come to emergency. For the remainder of the trip, I focused on not passing out. I had the chills, nausea and was burning up. This was not just pregnancy!

Upon arrival at the hospital, they whisked me off to obstetrics - where a decision was made to do a c-section. My fever was 39.2 and the baby was showing distress.

Just like that I was on my way to meet my son!!

It all went well, and it was determined that the flu was the culprit for my illness. Baby and I are now recovering in hospital for a few more days.

He was 3 weeks early but perfect in every way.

He was worth every minute of feeling like crap :)

Welcome wee one! First baby of the year!

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