Monday, March 29, 2010

It's finally happening!

If you looked closely outside of your window today, you would have noticed little rays of sunshine floating by. Those were my happy thoughts, sent out into the wild blue yonder.

I can't believe that it is actually happening, that after two years of tromping through old dusty barns, and houses with peeling wallpaper, we will finally own a farm. A real farm, with barns and outbuildings, and a creek. A farm with meadows and forest, and a long winding driveway.

This is the lightswitch in the kitchen of our new home. It's kind of cute and country. We have decided to keep it, and put it somewhere in the new house we will build. A reminder of our roots on this new farm.

We move at the end of May, and between now and then there is so much to do! But I know between the two of us it will all get done.

Wheee!!! We bought ourselves a farm!


  1. That is wonderful - congratulations! Do you need some alpacas to raise on that farm? I could help you with that!! I am in Ontario, Ohio. Where is your Ontario?

    Julie Petty

  2. Hi Julie
    We are in Ontario Canada. :) I adore alpacas..have to get hubby to agree to some!