Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No animals for one year

That was the agreement. One full year of no farm animals, and then we would carefully choose what to get into.

But that was before the train ride.

In the beginning, it seemed rather romantic. We won a trip for two via train, from one large city centre to another several hours away. By car, it would be an 8 hour trip. By train? It was 11 hours. I know I am terrible at math, but I am still unable to figure that one out.

Regardless, it was a terribly long train ride, and would have been completely unbearable but not for the free rum and cokes, and the complimentary internet access.

So we sat, drinks in hand and used our iphones to surf Kijiji. 6 hours in, we began to run out of things to look for, and so our searches turned to livestock.

"how about a goat?" , "look at this cute pig" and then...

There they were. A small herd of Highland Cattle.

We had always said we wanted Highland Cattle. There was something majestic about their long horns and shaggy coats. But we knew nothing about cows or the keeping of them.

Still, and email wouldn't hurt. With a lowball offer, just to see - right?

We are now cattle farmers. Funny how that no farm animal rule went out the window. I blame the train.

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