Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The price of hay

We had a lot to learn about hay it seems. Those seemingly similar round bales are actually quite different than one another.

Round bales are measured in feet- in our area a 4 foot round is the preferred choice. While square bales do pack into a barn more readily, round bales tend to last longer as they are packed tighter.

The makeup of hay greatly increases it's value. Timothy hay with a mix of clover, alfalfa and leguemes being the prefered choice. Straw, the leftover stalk of a grain, is worth less but is useful for bedding and cheap feed.

So how much is hay worth? In our area a 4 foot round bale brings about $30 - our 48 acres gives us about 50 round bales, seems like a lot of work for $1500! However it's valuable feed for livestock.

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