Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cluck Cluck Cluck

I explained to my better half that I was in need of some poultry. He suggested I keep them way down in the barns and I laughed at this suggestion.

What I wanted was a coop.

He is a great builder of things, and I knew that with a little encouragement, and perhaps some homemade chocolate chip cookies and a beer, great things were possible.

And so it began!
He started with the shell, and for a few days I began to worry that it would not get done in time before the snow fell.

But fear not...I came home from work to see progress being made.

Gradually the coop was taking shape. The windows looked smashing, and I gave him top stars for the excellent ventilation and insulation. These would be spoilt chickens.

And here it is complete. There are two clean out doors, plenty of nest boxes, and nice large "man door" for me. He even hooked up electrical, albeit temporary for now.

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