Thursday, October 21, 2010


It's funny, back in the day when I had to do 1.5 hours of highway driving to the office, I used to hate my commute. Oh sure, over time it becomes a mindless drive, and you get used to the traffic and the transport trucks, and the cars inching along in rush hour.

My commute now is so very different. I only have to drive in "city traffic" for about 1/3 of my commute, the first two third of the drive is comprised of country roads. It's kind of meditative to drive along and admire the farms I pass. I make mental notes of ideas to steal, and spots of great beauty. Each day I pass under the same tree, and the same Red Tailed Hawk peers down at my passing car - making me feel as though he is some great feathered gate keeper.

It amazes me that I can make that part of my journey with no radio, no sound. Just me and the countryside. Once I hit the city limits, turning on the radio somehow feels right, and so I do. Allowing the rambunctious morning show hosts to spew their commentary into the car, alerting me to the noise ahead.

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