Friday, August 5, 2011

Coop Update

The grain silo conversion is almost complete, and should be ready for the hens to move in tomorrow.  It's taken quite some time for us to finish this coop - we had to get the hay in, there were visitors from overseas - but at last it's going to be done.

I white washed the interior today, in the hopes that the whitewash will prevent mould growth in the winter months.  It didn't turn out as white as I had anticipated, but I can live with the results.  We still need to find a window or two for the silo, in order to allow more light and air flow. 

It's hard to see the red door, but it is directly in line with the exterior door in the photo below.

We used one inch hardware cloth, as we find chicken wire doesn't stand up to the raccoons. We still need to have the sand delivered for the run area - and we need to put wire mesh down underneath the sand to keep predators from digging in!

The hens will have a great view of the creek pasture. Once we get the electrical in tomorrow, I can get some photos of the inside. We still need to build the nest boxes, perches and figure out the watering system. One day at a time right?

And finally - me! Tired, covered in dust and lime whitewash and wearing my pink tool belt.

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