Saturday, August 6, 2011

Baaaa....aaadddd news

The sheep are ready for pick up.

We are not ready for the sheep.

This past few months has been a blur of to do lists, unexpected tasks, and loads of visitors.  All of this has put us way behind schedule.  We had hoped by this point in time to have the back pasture re-fenced for the sheep. Currently it is a split cedar rail fence...not suitable to hold in ewe lambs! Nor will it keep the coyotes out. 

We had also hoped to complete our barn conversion. Our plan is to build a new shelter for the remaining two cows, and then move the hay into the "cattle" barn.  That would then allow us to retrofit the hay barn for the sheep.   We have handling runs to build, lambing pens to create, and have to build hay racks and feeders. 

We haven't begun any of this.

Why does it always seem that winter is just around the corner, and we are nowhere near ready?

I adore the guests, but I do sometimes think they have an idyllic view of "farm life".   My mother spent some time with us, and now she truly understands that once we hit the ground running at 5:30AM, we don't stop - as we are in a race to beat the seasonal clock. 

Winter is coming.

More importantly, the sheep are arriving! Hopefully we can delay the pick up until the first week of September - which will give us the remainder of this month to get some sort of temporary housing in place.

Now if only I could get those visitors to work, we may just meet our sheep deadline!  

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