Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fuzzy Faces

When I was about nine years old, I got to choose my wallpaper in our new suburban home. I chose a pattern made up of repeated horses.  It was mostly brown in colour and combined with my new tan carpeting, it made for a very brown room.  I insisted on a "horse' bedspread to complete the look.  Over the years I had collected china horses, and I recall turning my bedside cubby into a "stable" for them all.

My peers at the time were primarily interested in the Smurfs, or Charlie's Angels. I was smitten by horses. That summer I insisted on going to riding camp, where I got to learn to ride. I spent two summers at camp, and despite the fact that I didn't fit in well with the other girls - they were slim and all went to the same boarding school - I did fit in well with the horses.

Is it any wonder that years later I am smitten by donkeys? In a way, donkeys are the "poor man's horse", a beast of burden. I adore their long ears, and their intelligent eyes.

Today as I stood in the equestrian store, I felt much like I used to at horse camp. The misfit - who didn't quite fit in.  The sales girl asked if I required help, and I explained I was looking for vitamin supplements for an overweight donkey.  She sort of smiled a polite smile, and pointed me in the right direction. As I wandered the aisle I listened to her giggling with the other salesgirls - wondering if she was explaining that I was a donkey lady.

It's not that I don't adore horses, I do. It's just that donkeys are something truly special. They have a way of creeping into your heart with their fuzzy faces.

Perhaps, they are the ancestor of the great unicorn. After all, on a sunny day it's easy to imagine those long ears melding into one.


  1. Who couldn't love a donkey?

    Growing up in england we would ride donkey's on the sands of the local seaside town during our summer holidays. I have great donkey memories!

  2. "Perhaps, they are the ancestor of the great unicorn." GREAT!!! Donkeys are such marvellous animals, always charming me, too. And yours are soo pretty and charming! Greetings Minna