Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Market Store Venture

We have decided to open a small market store to sell our eggs and produce.  It's quite a venture - but there's no time like a mat leave to start something new!

Sadly for my better half I have spent a lot of time browsing Pintrest (those 3am feedings haven't been so bad).  So my version of what the store should look like is Pintrest worthy. After all, if it's a country store it should be charming.

I envision a barn red store with cute flower boxes and a tin roof. We will see if he can deliver.

My job is to make signs. I found this one on Pintrest of course:

I am going to try and make a copycat. I picked my colors and set to work.

The first coat looked pretty good!  But since it's going to be outside I thought a second coat would be a good idea. I am using Behr paint and primer in one, in outdoor flat finish.  It goes on really well and I liked how thick the paint is, the colour is also nice and vibrant.
I then had to call it a day because the little guy woke up from a nap. Not like the old days where I could finish a project in one day! LOL!  Ah well, he's worth it.

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